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Cost: £37.25

Kimo LV130 Anemometer

Hand held one piece instrument.
Digital display.
Push button activation.
180 degree swivel head
100mm vane.
Ranges: 0.25 to 35m/s

Cost: £35.00

Kimo Hotwire Anemometer

Ranges: 0.15 to 30m/s

Cost: £52.50

Kimo LV110

                  Digital with 100mm vane
0 - 1mA output for use with a recorder.
Supplied with soft case and neck strap.

0.25 to 1.0m/s   
0.9 to 5.0m/s   
4.9 to 30m/s

Cost: £37.50

Airflow TSI LCA301

Digital 180Degree Rotating Vane

0 - 25 m/s