Octave Band

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Cost: £80.00

Octave Band Sound Level Meter - Dawe 1419F

Hand held analogue. Octave Band, linear or dbA measurements with peak hold and time weighting. Supplied with calibrator and NR curves. 
30 - 130db
36Hz - 8kHz
31.5Hz low band
16KHz high band

Cost: £155.00

Casella CEL 450 Sound Level Meter

 Single 140dB measurement range, no need for range selection.
 Compliant with latest IEC 61672 standard.
 Available in both Class 1 and Class 2 accuracy grades.
 Real-time frequency analysis in octave and one-third octave.
 Easy to use menu with user definable configurations.
 Choice of broadband only, octave or one-third octave instruments.
 Firmware and software upgradeable. 
 Clear, backlit screen.
 Large 2Mb memory capable of storing over 800000 data points.
 Comprehensive software package with graphical reporting, graphing & analysis functions.
 Fast storage of noise time history down to 10ms.